Tuesday, March 15, 2005

And in the parchment I have found…VII

Scene VII

The council of the gods was in session as (X) pleaded his case of how Malice stole his bull, along with a detailed description of the bull, and then concluding that only the council of the gods that his case would find justice.

The gods then spoke “… but there is no bull of the size that you speak of for we have seen it not, You must be mistaken”. (X)’s turn came to speak once again saying “and is there a dagger in the size you spoke of, with a blade that is as high as the mountains of Ebel with a handle that is as thick as the trunk of a kaft tree, priced with a god’s burial ground… for that is the blade which for you judged between Malice and his elder brother Truth once before.” (X) paused as the gods whom in a startled manner looked at each other “Now once again, I ask you to do justice by judging between Truth and Malice, for I am Truth’s son, and I come to avenge him and bring back his legacy and glory to that of its formal days” (X) demanded of the council.

Malice then swore in the name of the lord “by the life of Amon, by the life of the Prince, that if Truth is alive that he would accept whatever judgment the council would announce as verdict and that the light of my eyes would fade and that I may become guardian at the gates of Truth’s house.”

(X) then swore in his turn “by the life of Amon, by the life of the Prince, that Truth is alive and that punishment may befall Malice and that he may be whipped a 1000 lashes and to bear five deadly wounds…”

From here the papyrus paper is somehow cut and shows signs of being burned along with the remaining of the story. Amazed I was at this story and so lost in its heliographic that I forgot about my Turkish cup of coffee that I had started sipping upon when I first got this papyrus out of the parchment.

I put the piece down on table, wondering who might the Prince be that whom they swore in almost equal to Amon the sun god and mightiest of the Egyptian gods.

I reach back in the bundle of the papyruses and take out a new leaflet and it reads…

To be continued…

And in the parchment I have found… VI

Scene VI

Nut (goddess of the sky) swallowed the sun disc giving a clear night sky lightened by millions of stars. (X) looked up at the stars and whispered to the night breeze that he shall have his father avenged if it was the last thing he would do in this life. After a long journey in the darkness of the after life the sun rose once again on the tenth day that marked his return to the Shepard in the grassy fields beyond the city walls.

“Where is my bull?” (X) asked the Shepard “I don’t see him amongst those who graze” the lad answered “My master came for it and told me to let you choose any of his in return for that which he has taken”. Anger came upon (X) and asked the Shepard for the staff which he used on the Shepard to force the Shepard to take him to Malice.

Arriving at Malice’s court of lies and deceit (X) asked the master of the court “your Shepard tells me that you have eaten my bull, is that true?”
“YES” was Malice’s strong answer aiming at throwing fear in the man’s heart. (X) then let go of the Shepard and drew his sword and easily overcame the guard’s futile effort to keep him from Malice, yet it was shortly that the blade now rested on Malice’s throat who laid on the ground at the foot of his throne and with (X) on top of him.

AWE stroke were the minions of Malice as their master was just about to be slew by a man that they know nothing of. Malice then spoke with a broken voice that showed only fear and humility “I wished not to rob you of your animal and I told the Shepard to give you all the animals that you wish for in return for your bull”. (X) then replied “YES, your servant has told me of your deeds and orders; Yet answer me this; why is it that none of your pathetic herds can not make up for my bull?” Malice’s broken voice spoke once again “Take the entire herds if you wish”. (X)’s answer was firm “Not even your entire herds would make up for my bull for it is larger than any bull that ever was or will be, if my bull was to stand in Balmon (a town central north of ancient delta of Egypt) it’s tail would twirl and touch the papyrus stems of the Memphis’s eastern marches (modern day Giza), its horns would take up all the country between the eastern and western mountains, while it’s male organs would be rest on the bed of the great river, every day would come with sixty of his off-springs.” With a shattered voice Malice answered “… but there is no bull of that size”. “A lair you call me even though I stand here with an eager blade to cut through your throat, Yet let us seek justice in the council of the gods and let them be our judges for their council sees and knows all” Malice was quick to agree for he was relieved to come from beneath (X) sword alive.

And thus (X) had forced Malice to stand once again before the council of the nine mighty gods…

And in the parchment I have found…V

Scene V

The silence was one day broken, when (X) went to his father brought him a chair raised his feet on a foot stole, gave him some bread and brought him wine, he asked him to eat. Truth then looked to his child although he couldn’t see him yet he knew him and how he looked like, his eyes ran with warm tears.

(X) asked his father “What blinded you?” Truth tried to smile and said “It was my little brother Malice who blinded me” his words continued to tell him everything of who he was, how things came to be what they are today, and of a legacy that Truth once had and now his son must uphold in front of the gods.

(X) was determined to take avenge his father and claim the legacy that is rightfully his. The sun rose in the east to shine on (X) as he walked down the path out of the city. For luggage he carried ten loaves of bread, his sword, a staff and as a companion he pulled behind him one of the family’s prides, a strong and graceful yellow bull, almost of golden fur the bull was, long horned and with wide shinning eyes.

It was almost midday when (X) reached the meadows where it was known that Malice (Truth’s younger brother) kept his herds and where his cattle graze. Walking over to the Shepard (X) asked him to keep his bull and watch over it as he went to the city to deal in business where the bull would greatly interfere. As a price he gave him the ten loaves that he carried as he would be gone for ten days. (X) also handed him the staff to use in watching over the beautiful bull. (X) then walked away only to fade into the city beyond the meadows.

A week had passed on (X) part with his bull when Malice came to the grassy fields where his cattle were. He saw (X)’s bull and called upon his Shepard to get him that bull so that he may slaughter it and feast upon it. The Shepard reluctantly replied “… but master this bull is not mine and I can not give it to you, it belongs to a young man who would soon be back for it…” Malice’s voice then roared at his servant demanding the beast and that he may give any of the other cattle to the man who would come to claim the bull. Malice’s teeth sank deep into the bull’s flesh it was as if poison had run through the bull, in shock and wide open eyes the bull fell to it’s side as Malice ate of it.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

And in the parchment I have found… IV

Scene IV

The heliographic read “The birth of the child came in a stillness night, marked only by the shooting stars that flashed through the night sky.” A nameless boy, for the boy’s name like his mother’s was stroke out, I would be referring to his name as (X). I continued reading “Days upon days came on to the child’s life he grew into a wonderful lad. Reaching an age of schooling he was sent to study how to read and write as well as the various sports and arts of war, all are fields which he excelled in over his peers. His mentors would describe him with strength & beauty that could only be compared to a young god with a flaming brilliance.

As the boy that he was, (X) came one day crying to his mother, pleading with her to tell him of his father for in school he was mocked for he was with out father. That evening (??) called upon (X), she pointed her finger to the old man who sits at their gate and told (X) ‘Do you see that blind man? That is your father’. Angered the boy was at his mother’s answer, shocked he was at the figure of his father. (X) left his mother whilst shouting at her ‘Then you should have gathered your family and were judged by an alligator’.
So, was the ancient Egyptian belief in the alligator to be a god of vengeance of wrong doers. I thought to myself.

Silence came between the lad and his mother for a long time.

Monday, December 27, 2004

and in the parchment I have found… Scene III

Scene III

Here my eyes come across many lines that have been lost. Some by the wearing of time and some almost deliberately stroked out. The few letters that remain don’t allow a reasonable reading or understanding, and in the coming paragraphs we find mention of woman who’s names have been stricken out of the sheets I will be referring to her name by (??).

A scent that would fend off the evil spirits, a scent of festive times, a scent where the goods of the earth are enjoyed with the splendid catch of the river that has been waiting in salt for a few months now. Families were gathered beyond the city walls and green meadows making the barren hills only a short walk away.

“Mother… I bear him no love in my heart!” - A young maiden spoke angrily.
“I tell you are young… but I beg of you don’t be foolish, it is with his gold that he will bring you happiness, think of the deep azurian gems that he can bring you from the mountains that stand beyond the baths of Pharaoh. It is only a man of his status and kinship to the Master of the Two Lands that will truly bring joy to your heart.” The mother pleaded with her daughter in her trails to convince the youngster of a marriage that her father had spoken to her of a couple of days before.

“…he is the foulest I have set my eyes upon”
The maiden spoke as she stood up in jerked motion and ran away from her mother, tears almost escaped her eyes, for she knew that her parent’s future depended on this marriage for her father might be dismissed of the royal court and would be persecuted if she would deny such a suitor of his request.

Leaving the family gathering (??) walked into the hills where she wondered for a long time. Thinking of what she must do as she continued walking towards the desert and it was then that she laid her eyes upon a half naked and unconscious man on the ground at the foot of the last hill before the seas of sand. Approaching the man with mixed emotions of awe and wonder, the closer she came the more her eyes rounded, she felt a fierce build up of emotion that she could not comprehend and her humble body could barley contain. Her senses almost exploded as she heard a faint sigh of pain escape his lips.

Wind caught to her feet as she raced back to where she had left her family in the gathering area. She screamed at them to get up and that they might help he who she had found.

That they did, they took him into the city and into their house. (??)’s father had sent to his daughter’s suitor that he had a sick man in his house and that it would be improper of them to speak of marriage in the presence of illness, in a trail to postpone his answer and that the mother could speak her daughter into the marriage.

As they medicated ‘Truth’ they found that he is blind and thus took him to as guardian of their gate when he regained the strength to stand on his feet and after failing to explain where he had come from and that he had no place to go.

A few weeks have passed, and a day came where the suitor’s patience had run out, rode his chariot to (??)’s house to demand an answer. At the gate he was stopped by a blind man who came to his feet as his ears caught to the sound of foot steps.

“a good day to you young prince” Truth’s sweet voice spoke.
“How did you know that I am the prince? Is that not a staff of a blind man that I see you holding in your hands?” the suitor demanded.
“blind my eyes might be… Yet…” Truth’s voice then lowered as he approached the young prince and touched his shoulder. He spoke to him of many things. After finishing what he had to say he took his hand off the prince’s shoulder only to release him to climb back on to his chariot and off he went.

The prince did not return to the palace, neither did he return to (??)’s house, and the city saw her young prince no more. No one knows where the prince had gone, and no one knows what the blind man told him. (??) had witnessed it all from behind the silken drapes of her room that she had been standing behind for almost three weeks now only to watch he who watches their gate.
That night, (??) had sent for Truth, and when he came to her she looked at him and she had wanted him with a desire beyond what a woman could bare. She asked him to stay and he stayed. That night he knew her as a man would know his woman. After that night (??) became with a little child.

to be continued...

Monday, December 20, 2004

The Dreaming Tree

Upon a small grassy hill a tree stood... with a pride that seemingly stems and shows the many seasons that it has withstood... standing there dreaming... yet dreaming of what I wonder... of a better tomorrow perhaps... yet, again who knows what a tree dreams of !!

Heliopolis, Cairo 3:40 am

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

and in the parchment I have found... Scene II

Scene II

'Truth' sat upon the door steps that led to the gates of the kingdoms of his younger brother 'Malice'. As the sun burned and as the moon would cast its silver, many creatures of all manners would pass him going into the kingdoms of evil or leaving them. Truth's eyes showed them not to him. Yet his ears became accustomed to their foot steps, flap of wings and the seemingly weird sounds they made as they passed him. He began to name them, and then came a day where Truth had uttered his first word to one of his passers. Many conversations then followed as he talked to them all.

It was not his words, but it had started before that... Like a scent of wild jasmines that charmed the creatures that passed Truth at the gate and made them tread in awe knowing not what charm is in effect.Was it his simple wooden staff that he holds so firmly. Was it the gentle wave of his hand at the gates to close and open them. That they knew not.

Seeing the good that came upon the kingdoms of Malice since his elder brother Truth, laid his feet upon their soils. Seeing how the demonic nature of his servitude and staff has fallen to softness. It was then that Malice feared his brother even more than ever. Malice commanded two of Truth's servants; that they must take their blindmaster out of his realms and on to the plains of the earth and that they must abandon him at a lion's lair. "Let it be a lion that is accompanied by a lot of lionesses, let it be a hungry lion and let that lion eat of my brother's flesh." Malice commanded.

A few days have passed and the servants of Malice came back into the kingdom of their new master, and explained to him how Truth had moved onto the underworld. As the lion took his life and feasted upon his Cha (body), and how this would make it impossible for Truth to feel the bliss of the after life.

to be continued...
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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

and in the parchment I have found...

I came upon a parchment of old rags…The parchment I had bought from a very old and poor woman, she was dressed all in black. Just beyond the palm trees and the green fields of the west bank.

She told me that her father and his father before him kept this parchment; she told me "Don't be deceived by the looks of these ragsfor this parchment holds many, many secrets. Lots of blood has been spilled for it" she also told me that it contains tales that are yet to be told…

After taking the ferry back to my river house I sat on the couch under the fan that slowly circulated the air in the room. Placed the parchment on the low table. While sipping on a cup of Turkish coffee; that I had mad once I came through the door and after having the parchment lied on the table; I wondered what could be in that parchment and why would the old woman sell me the parchment if it had been in the family for so long, and why would she sell it to me if it had been so highly regarded and revered as to spill some one's blood for? A million questions raced through my head. There were only two possibilities, first may be she would say such things as to seduce me to pay more, the second only lies within the folds of those shredded and worn out threads.

As I opened the parchment, the rags started threading apart. In it I found many papyrus papers rolled up. I carefully opened them and took the first one out and the heliographies read…

Scene I

… Standing firm before the council of the gods he demanded, "Let my brother 'Truth' bare consequence for his deeds. Let it be known that this Evil has been brought upon him only for his malice and his deceit that he uses upon his own kin, me his brother of his fleshand blood."…

'Malice' paused and then continued "Let the light of his sight fade from his from his head and that the fire of his Ka (good health) be extinguished by the coldness of illness and disease."

"Oh… have I not mercy for my brother, is my heart to cold to accept him after his doings." taking another pause to look at his shackled brother, his eyes flickered with evil. 'Malice' then addressed the council of the gods once again. "I ask of you that you let me take care of my brother after your wrath is done upon him and that it be known that I will have him at my door as my servant.

"The council of the gods spoke their verdict "As you 'Truth' have been found guilty by this council thus justice would be found when only what your brother has spoken of, may the light of your eyes fade from you head and that this council be the last of your visions. The council has spoken and so it is done."

Loud were the screams of 'Truth', of pain and misery they were. As his vision diminished, all colours had faded to black.

The gods then spoke to 'Malice'"Take your brother and let it be known that from this day on he is your gate keeper."

to be continued...